We were delighted with the response to our inaugural Industry Awards. Meet our winners and finalists!

These wonderful nominees all demonstrated excellence in their field, and have made significant contributions to the Australian wellness community, profession, and industry. We hope you enjoy their inspirational stories.



Justin Sinclair, Traditional Medicine Consultancy, Pacific Pines, Queensland
Justin is a an expert in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. As well as working in clinical practice, he has taught and mentored students for over 10 years. His work also focuses on educational consultancy, advising on course and curriculum development; product design and research and evaluation of new ingredients and herbal medicines; and publishing articles in numerous industry and scientific journals and evidence-based textbooks.

Highly Commended

Benjamin Xue, Tao Chinese Health Centre, Broadbeach, Queensland
Ben has studied both Western and Chinese medicine, with one bachelor degree and two masters degrees. He has been practising Chinese medicine and acupuncture for over 20 years, and has two clinics in Queensland. He has also worked as a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and as an AHPRA-approved accreditation assessor, assuring the quality of Chinese medicine education in Australia. Due to his outstanding achievements, he received an academic award in Chinese Herbal Medicine from RMIT University.

Peter Mark Lewis, Rockhampton Health Options, Queensland
Naturopath Peter Mark Lewis has a successful practice in Rockhampton. A prime example of someone who gives back tothe community, Peter also gives free talks about natural therapies, gives free neck and shoulder massages to emergency services personnel, writes articles for the local press on naturalt herapies, manufacturers his own herbal medicines, and has created a QSMI-recognised training course in remedial lymphatic therapeutics.

Leah Hechtman, Natural Health Fertility, Crows Nest NSW
Leah has a targeted naturopathy practice, focusing on fertility and hormone health. She is ar espected speaker at industry seminars and is the author and editor of a comprehensive text, “Clinical Naturopathic Medicine”, which is widely used by students, clinicians, and lecturers.



Alchemy in Bellingen

Alchemy in Bellingen is a comprehensive natural therapies centre, with five treatment spaces, a colonics unit and sauna and spa for a total detoxification and relaxation experience. They also produce their own unique product lines, lincluding therapeutic herbal tea blends, medicinal creams, and massage oils. Alchemy pride themselves on sustainable business practice, commitment to natural therapies, quality customer service, and positive clinical outcomes.

Highly Commended

Accent on Health Chiropractic, Wheelers Hill, Victoria
Having studied chiropractic, clinic owner Dr Lucinda Miles was awarded membership into the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society for academic excellence. Along with practising chiropractic, Dr Miles also employs applied kinesiology to best treat her patients, and has numerous certifications in that field.

East West Traditional Medicine Centre, Penrith, NSW
The East West Clinic has been in continuous operation for nearly 20 years, and has contributed to both bettering the professional industry and the health of the community. Currently,t here are four practitioners at East West, with a combined 46 years of experience in traditional Chiense medicine, remedial massage, and naturopathy. East West believes that the effective integration of all medical systems is paramount importance for public benefit; to this end, they are in the process of developing referral systems with the wider community of medical professionals.

Alchemy Health, Port Kembla, NSW
Alchemy Health specialises in lymphatic drainage and lymphoedema. Owner Jan Hunter and her team of therapists offer the latest lymphoedema advice and technology, including scanning laser and lyphatic pump. Jan has also raised money to volunteer her skills to assist in a research project on leg lymphoedema in Myanmar.



Susan Arentz, National Institute of Complementary Medicine, UWS
Susan is a naturopath undertaking a PhD with the National Institute of Complementary Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. She has conducted research to examine the evidence base for naturopathy with the management of polycystic ovary syndrome. The high quality of her reserach and clniically relevant findings will have an impact on influencing clinical practice of naturopaths, engagement with conventional healthcare providers, and an uptake in the use of naturopathic services.

Highly Commended

Shelea Neighbour, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, Melbourne
Shelea is studying the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy through AIAS. She has shown a unique aptitude for naturopathy, especially herbal remedies, and her results are consistently top of her class. Shelea has also deveoped a number of remedies, in conjunction with a practising naturopath, including a skin balm for eczema, with positive clinical results.

Carly Hicks, Endeavour College
Following a personal struggle with autoimmune disease, Carly is prsently studying naturopathy at Endeavour College, as well as writing her first cookbook of nutritious recipes, launching her own YouTube cooking channel, and running her own website,

Melonie Thompson, Endeavour College
Melonie is a graduating student from Endeavour College. She is passionate about natural health and her chosen field of study, and has excelled in her ability to build a website and a business plan to take her next step into the world of clinical practice.