What’s new in this issue!


* Master of miracles Psychiatrist, hypnotherapist and best-selling author, Dr Brian Weiss has brought past life regression and human soul survival after death into the mainstream.


* Recipe for life The marvellous Maggie Beer talks about her two great passions – delicious food and improving the health and nutrition of older people.


* Vampire therapy?! Proponents of Platelet Rich Plasma injections say our own platelets heal and reverse ageing. But is tissue regeneration as simple as giving blood to yourself?


* Love your heart Giving your heart some extra TLC can make a huge difference to its ability to car for you back.


* The dos and don’t of supplements Naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson sorts out what herbs and nutrients you should take – and what you should avoid.


* Signed, sealed, delivered Eating well can be hard, especially if you work or have kids. We review the top healthy home delivery food boxes to help you get on the road to cleaner, smarter eating.


* Brain health Leading naturopath Tania Flack investigates what can go wrong with the body’s control centre – and how you can prevent problems before they start.


* Bye, bye bad hair days Beauty Editor Lisa Tristram discovers wonderful natural lotions and potions which can soothe and style even the most unruly tresses.


Plus: Natural baby health tips, how to halve your food waste, eco-friendly underwear, yoga during your period, the bad mood cure, kidney health, the hottest new diet trend, mindful eating tips, what to eat to boost immunity, lower cholesterol, foil menopausal hot flushes, and counter depression, and much more in the April-May 2018 issue of Nature & Health, on sale April 1!