Astroblog: Blue moon!

March will be a truly inspiring, healing and transformational month as we experience a rare Mercury-Venus-Chiron alignment, all in the introspective, philosophical, dreamy and inspired sign of Pisces.

Beforehand, though, the Virgo Full Moon on the 2nd will provide the opportunity to get your feet on the ground, and you’ll welcome this if the eclipse season in February created a swirl of change for you. Time to get back to practicalities: good health, self-nurture; support of self and others.

This first of two Full Moons this month will highlight your innate spiritual qualities and, if you are conscious of your own personal spiritual growth at this time, this is a perfect time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, the universe and your place in it.

The alignment of Mercury, Venus and Chiron on March 5th will illuminate in no uncertain terms where your strengths lie – and potentially also where your weaknesses are. A simultaneous alignment with the solar system’s largest planet Jupiter could bring many opportunities and open doors your way, but if you have been easily influenced in recent months or years, this alignment may show just where you have let things slide – and consequently where you must fill in the gaps and rise to new challenges yourself. Use your intuition and action your greater sense of kindness, and then your inner guidance system – your intuition – will serve you well.

The New Moon on March 17th will align with asteroid-planet Chiron, bringing once again the opportunity to implement positive health and fitness changes in your life. If you find this phase is disappointing, then it’s important you see the good in your circumstances rather than focussing on the negatives. Your life goes where you place your attention, so ensure you make positive plans mid-March.

The blue moon* Full Moon on March 31st will be in Libra, and will offer the opportunity to regain balance in your life. Sometimes, full moons in Libra seem to coincide with a lack of balance in your life: they can seemingly highlight the chaos in your life – and this is why they represent the necessity or opportunity to re-establish balance.

Above all, this can be a therapeutic month, so set out to improve and boost vitality and happiness, and you will find that your life, vitality and sense of fulfilment will improve.

*A ‘blue moon’ is the second full moon in one calendar month

Patsy Bennett has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years and is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’, the Astrology Diaries and the Zodiac Reading Card oracle set.,