We are still in the eclipse season during most of August, so there will be ample opportunity to transform your life, should you so wish. However, you may also experience events more intensely than usual and so, with Mars retrograde until the end of August, it’s important to pace yourself to avoid fatigue.

Communications maestro Mercury will also be retrograde until August 19th. This will provide incentive to review some of the agreements you made earlier in the year and to instigate fresh protocols, strategies or ideas that could help you to progress. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s as well to exercise patience – which is not generally a virtue that is easy to muster while Mars is retrograde, so take things step by step.

All-in-all, there will be six planets retrograde between August 9th and 19th; a time when the final of the current series of three eclipses will take place; on the 11th. Pacing yourself will be absolutely crucial, especially during this second week in August, or you may find yourself in a whirl. That said, you will see that many of your activities and duties will rely on you being both outgoing and dynamic. Be prepared to put yourself first assertively, but also to avoid conflict. Find the balance by being assertive and yet also finding the time for self-nurture and being supportive of others.

The partial solar eclipse on the 11th will be in Leo and it will align with Mercury and aspect Pluto by 150 degrees and Jupiter by almost 90 degrees. The upshot? If you feel eclipsed by a person or an event in August, avoid retaliating: take your time instead to learn new communication skills so that your ideas and opinions are heard; to manage power struggles and to find therapeutic and positive ways to move forward.

The third week in August should provide the opportunity to make progress and to see that in fact, you already have come a long way this year, so avoid giving up at the first hurdle in August, should one arise. Be ready to speak up; to be heard and to shine, and you could make true headway this month.The partial solar eclipse will be visible from northern parts of the world and some western locations in Asia.

Astrology by Patsy Bennett, author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’; the Astrology Diaries and the Zodiac Reading Cards.