Buckle up, February may be fairly intense, dramatic – and even life-changing.

We begin the month between two eclipses: first there was the blue* supermoon eclipse was on January 31st and in February, we will experience the partial solar eclipse on February 16th**.

The between-the-eclipses phase can include heightened sensitivity, more drama collectively but also the opportunity to change track if you have taken a wrong turn in life. When we are between two eclipses, this can be considered a gateway to self-transformation.

You may already sense a great potential for change, especially fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, but also Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians may be super-sensitive to this eclipse cycle as distinct developments take effect in your lives. You may reap the results of important decisions made at the start of the year. Changes may manifest subtly for some people – as important decisions for example – and for others very clearly as new chapters in your life.

If you have found the going fairly tough in January, Mercury and Venus should help you to break the cycle by embracing a fresh approach to life. Events in February may motivate you to make important changes in your attitude to your own destiny. The key question: ‘How will I forge ahead?’ will resonate.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will pass through inspired Aquarius this month, suggesting you look outside your usual frame of reference for interesting and new ideas and to formulate strategies that are both inspired and practical.

You will gain opportunities to find new ways to get ahead – even if only to alleviate the pressure that you feel to make changes in your life. The tense aspects between Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will ask that you step up to a challenge or a fresh opportunity. In addition, the tense aspect mid-month between Mars and Uranus will ask that you try something new, but must avoid impulsive decisions. Be spontaneous instead, as you will gain insight into how to trust your instincts and intuition in so doing.

If you feel inner tension between what you know is the ‘right’ thing to do; and what you feel propelled to do, trust your gut feelings. If you can identify that the activities you feel propelled to do align with a greater sense of purpose, then follow your instincts. But on the other hand, if you feel you are following a path that simply panders to your basest (and non-productive) desires, take time out to re-orientate yourself this month, or volcanic tempers and misguided beliefs may be liable to surface during this intense eclipse phase.

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* The second full moon in a calendar month.
**Unfortunately the partial solar eclipse mid-February will not be visible from Australia, but it will be seen from parts of southern south America, parts of Antarctica and the Atlantic ocean.