Astroblog: It's eclipse season!

It’s eclipse season! Hold on to your hats; not only will the winter wind stir your soul; but solar and lunar alignments will also raise the bar in July. The most significant or potent developments are likely to fall around the partial solar eclipse on none other than: Friday 13th!

While eclipses were historically associated with events that end, in our present times we know that, for every ending there is a new beginning, and this month, this is so relevant. A beautiful ‘grand trine’ involving Venus, Uranus and Saturn will help ‘earth’ your plans and ideas by mid-July. In tandem, the partial solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on the 13th will complete a second grand trine that could be ideal for cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer as you kick-start a fresh, self-nurturing, more fulfilling phase.

It’s vital to be optimistic and patient, as a thorn in your side this month will otherwise arise in the shape of delays and frustrations. If you’re impatient, and wish things to move along unencumbered, this is the month where your patience may be tested, especially for Aries and Libra, but also Cancer and Capricorn. Best to take things step by step.

Also, a difficult aspect between Mercury and Jupiter at the same time that Jupiter ends its retrograde phase between July 9th-11th could bring new information and variables to light that determine key decisions and changes in your life. Avoid misunderstandings and mix-ups as these could have repercussions for some time. However, if you’re sure of your movements, events at this time will catapult you into exciting new circumstances.

Luckily, Venus in Virgo from July 10th onwards will encourage you to view details in your interactions more closely and make well-rounded decisions as Venus, the planet of beauty, love and money aspects Saturn and Uranus beautifully. Also on the plus side, with Jupiter ending a four-month retrograde phase, you should find that your mojo returns this month – if it ever really left you, especially so for Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius and Gemini. You’ll appreciate the chance to go full-steam ahead with uplifting plans and ideas over coming months with your trademark determination.

The total lunar eclipse in the early morning of July 28th will be visible in large parts of Australia. It will mark another new door opening, particularly relating to your emotional or love life, especially for fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.
So, while it’s all change in July, if you focus your attention on innovation and being adaptable; and on the opportunities that new horizons offer you, this could be your stand-out ‘road-to-success’ month this year. Be optimistic and proactive; this is the time to make the changes you want.

Astrology blog by Patsy Bennett, author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’; the Astrology Diaries and the Zodiac Reading Cards.