Venus in Taurus for the entire month brings a luxurious, sumptuous feel to April that you can ‘tune in’ to; and bring more love and romance into your life. If you’ve been single for a long time, or wish to add spice to your love relationships, this is the month to focus on changing your love life so that it creates the degree of delight and desire in your life that you wish for.

The truly big news this month is the transit of Chiron into upbeat Aries mid-April; and this will coincide with the dynamic period of change just after the Aries New Moon on the 16th and the end of the current Mercury retrograde phase.
This trifecta will in effect be ideal for instigating new projects, for mending, healing or improving your life and for generally feeling more energised. You may appreciate this shift into a more proactive, less introspective and sensitive phase, especially fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

If your health has been dragging you down, the next few weeks and months will be ideal for setting in motion a healthy and uplifting new program that promises to revitalise your life. You’re likely to feel more dynamic as a result, and able to overcome challenges in practical, entrepreneurial and innovative ways. Once Mercury ends its current retrograde phase on April 15th, you’ll find the last two weeks of April ideal for implementing carefully laid plans.This makes the first two weeks of April ideal for truly considering your plans very carefully; and for setting in motion a well-laid process, all in readiness for the New Moon mid-month to take action.

If, in the process of adapting to this more upbeat and outgoing energy pattern mid-month, there are moments of doubt, you should find that, once overcome, you will feel the incentive to move forward so much more powerfully. And, if you experience restrictions to your movements mid-month, or you experience apparent challenges that hem you in, try to work within these and view them as foundation stones that allow you to grow rather than as limiting conditions that serve only to restrict your growth.

The alignment of Mars and Pluto towards the end of April may bring inner tension out or lead to volcanic change that is nevertheless manageable. These two energy boosters, Mars and Pluto, will align in the practical sign of Capricorn, ensuring the changes you undergo are implemented in practical ways. If you tend to be stubborn, you may need to budge on a key matter then.

The alignment of Mars and Pluto will arise at the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 30th, bringing the month onto a passionate and potentially life-changing platform. The key here to making the right decision is information, research and more information; and then, as always, go with your gut feeling, which is your inner compass. Good luck. x

Patsy Bennett is a renowned astrologer and author.