The month begins on a mystical, inspiring note, with a ‘grand trine’* involving gas giants Jupiter and Neptune, both aspecting Venus harmoniously; and all three in water signs. While this grand trine will be inspiring, it will also foster romance, so ensure you plan something special early June. Travel, study, esoteric studies and generally broadening your horizons could all appeal as ways to provide more variety and spice in your life.

However, if you tend to be easily distracted or easily led, events early in June could lead you astray. Your idealism may take flight, leaving you feeling ungrounded and in the worst case-case scenario, disappointed. Unless you’re super-scrupulous and focused, events could lead you a merry dance based on little reality or fact. Ensure you follow a methodical plan and base decisions on values and principles. That said, some decisions will be best made via your gut feeling and instinct. There’s no time like the present to develop your intuition.

Mid-June, several tricky aspects involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune could lead to mix-ups and misunderstandings. Base decisions on realities and not on hopes alone, or the lessons you learn may be via mistakes and misplacement of trust.

The winter solstice on the 21st promises to restore order and harmony, so do not be alarmed if your life includes a little chaos earlier in June. Avoid over-romanticising your circumstances, and you should enjoy the opportunity to try something new – and to broaden your horizons during June.

The Full Moon on June 28th will be in Capricorn, and will align with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, promising to bring stability and the chance to re-establish a sense of security in your life.

So, June will be your time to push forwards through your limitations, in the full knowledge that stability and security will once again reign despite a little turmoil or uncertainty mid-month. Avoid restricting your options during June, or this Full Moon will simply illuminate where in your life you feel constrained.

* three planets making each 120-degree angles between the other.
Patsy Bennett is an astrologer and a psychic.