This will be a truly inspiring month, as you’ll relish the chance to make long-term change in your life, but there may be a tendency to throw caution to the wind, so ensure you base your decisions on facts …

The big news in May is the transit of Uranus into the earthy sign of Taurus, bringing about the chance to make far-reaching changes that could lay the foundations for a grounded and secure future. Uranus will be in Taurus for several years, and this phase will be in contrast to the past eight years of progressive and even pioneering developments, especially Aries, Librans, Cancerians and Capricorns.

Now, the game will change so that emphasis will lie increasingly on finding answers to how to create change in your life that holds and ‘sticks’; how to establish a more stable, secure life, and how to find more time to love and enjoy life. The answer embodied in the Uranus transit through Taurus suggests that the more practical, down-to-earth and realistic you are in your life, the better. You may ask yourself during May (and increasingly over the next eight years) how to ‘earth’ and ‘ground’ the change you wish to see in your life, especially so for Aquarians, Taureans, Leos and Scorpios.

The month starts on an optimistic note. You’ll be ready to move forward with ideas you implemented or considered in April. But the realities of getting things done in constructive ways may ask that you improve your ability to be patient and to fall in step with others you must collaborate with, especially from May 9-12th.

The entry of Uranus into Taurus will coincide with the Taurean New Moon on May 15th, which will spotlight the need to be practical and realistic; or else you risk getting caught in a whirlpool of activity that could take you way off-course. This month will feature a prominent learning curve. And, when you’re conscious that you are on a learning curve, that’s when you learn the most! The Sagittarian Full Moon on May 30th echoes this sense of being on a learning curve and signals this is the time to be adventurous, to be ready to step into fresh terrain and to go easy on yourself if you need to research your circumstances better.

Patsy Bennett is a psychic and astrologer.