The key in September is to be ready to embrace the new and the unexpected – and even the out of the ordinary. Be flexible, adaptable and ready to move forward with bright ideas, even if they challenge some of your beliefs.

After the intensity of the last two months’ eclipse season, you’ll appreciate the sense that you are able to make headway in practical, steady terms in September. This month will be ideal for regrouping and reconfiguring your ideas and plans. What’s more, there is no doubt that hard work will pay off and that you’ll feel increasingly dynamic throughout the month. Ensure you maintain a sense of perspective and keep an eye on your goals.

A beautiful alignment just after the Virgo New Moon on September 10th promises to add direction and focus in your life; and there may even be a little sprinkle of luck in the mix for you.

The New Moon itself may spotlight the need to focus more on practicalities and to decide which duties in your life resonate; and which no longer motivate you or provide a sense of purpose.

On the 11th, Mars will sail into Aquarius, and may well introduce you to fresh circumstances. For some, though, events in September will enable you to pick up a project or idea you hatched earlier this year in May. Be innovative and shine, as you could make great headway in your chosen field around the second week of September. Be ready to be brave and bold, and avoid subscribing to outdated ideas that have outrun their usefulness or relevance.

Towards September 18th, it will be important to channel strong energy levels into constructive pursuits, or the harsh angle between Mars and Uranus could lead to impulsive actions being born out of restlessness or dissatisfaction. Consider what – and who – you need, as opposed to what you want, or you may make hasty decisions that land you in hot water.

The refreshing Aries Full Moon on September 25th should open new doors, especially for cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; and anyone with these signs prominent in your astrology chart. You may need to harness and express your inner hero; to be brave and dynamic.

You may re-encounter a circumstance; meet an old friend; reacquaint yourself with certain parameters in your life in September. Be ready to shine; avoid sticking to a paradigm that has outlived its worth. Let your inner hero out.

Patsy Bennett is the author of ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’; the Zodiac Reading Cards and the 2019 Astrology Diary, published by Rockpool Publishing.