From deep within the earth comes the art of making crystal bowls and then using them for healing mind, body, and spirit.

Awahoshi Kavan found her way into crystal bowl playing through social work. She found counselling slow in bringing results and was always looking for something new. This led her to study many different therapies, including art therapy and yoga, before she heard about crystal bowls. Initially Awahoshi used the bowls just for music concerts. But after a tour, people started to ask if they could have private sessions. She did so – and they started to come back and tell her about amazing transformations in their lives, healings
and big changes like stopping smoking and changing their diet, and the only thing they were doing differently was listening to crystal sounds.

Crystal power

“I started to study the healing qualities of going back into the complete octave in our lives – these sounds hold the remembrance of the biological harmony that is within us,” she says. “We can measure the frequency, rhythm and, in effect, the tones of each organ and cell. It is about the harmonics of life: when something is not harmonic, you feel uneasy or stressed. The harmonic octave is always around us, but we are not always able to receive it in a pure form. What the crystal does is present the sound to us in a completely pure form from Mother Earth.

“The pure tones of the crystal bowls help remove negative and self-destructive thought patterns and replace them immediately with pure tone. At my retreats we also use water therapy. By swimming in the ocean and drinking pure water, we move into a different vibrational state, where to be self-destructive in any way is no longer easy and does not feel good.

“All of our harmony or disharmony comes from our emotional relationships. By immersing ourselves in the octave that is created from the earth, from crystal, we receive a frame of reference that is familiar to us but which we have forgotten about because we have been lost in emotional situations that reinforce the disharmony. The crystal sounds bring us back to this very stable harmony in our lives. I have been able to help people give up alcohol, smoking, and drugs: because we remember what it is to be in harmony, and we don’t want to lose that once we feel it again.

“Crystal bowl healing has been very successful in helping people move out of things that they have been having difficulty with for years. In non-vibrational medicine, we look at the place of pain or the area of illness. But with vibrational medicine, we look at the complete being and the vibration throughout that being. We each have a unique vibrational frequency and the music from the bowls, along with other vibrational therapies like flower essences, homeopathy, and light or gem therapy, rebalances it.”

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