D-I-Y: Planet Earth bath bombs

Using ingredients from around the world – orange blossom for tranquillity, manuka to heal, and frankincense for inner peace.

300g granulated citric acid
600g bicarbonate of soda
¼ teaspoon neroli oil
¼ teaspoon manuka oil
¼ teaspoon grapefruit oil
¼ teaspoon frankincense oil
5g melted shea butter
¼ teaspoon liquid green colour in half of the mixture
¼ teaspoon blue liquid in the other half of the mixture
round moulds

Sieve bicarbonate of soda on top of citric acid. Sprinkle in fragrance; it’s normal for the mixture to fizz when you add liquid, just cover fizzing area with some dry mix. Mix ingredients together with your hands, add melted butter and mix thoroughly. Spray lightly with water and mix again – when the water reacts with the ingredients, the mixture will become cold and heavy to the touch, resembling damp sand when squeezed in your fist. Divide recipe between two bowls and colour one half blue and the other green – move fairly quickly to ensure mixture does not dry out. Fill one side of the mould with the green mixture and the other with the blue, press together and then unmould.
Makes 4 bath bombs

Elaine Stavert is the author of Beauty Masks & Scrubs, Beauty Oils & Butters and Bath Bombs (GMC Books/Capricorn Link), available in good bookstores, from which this recipe is reproduced with kind permission.