What’s new in this issue!

  • Finding Sanctuary Meet Helen Joy Butler, Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer.

  • Access All Areas Want to clear out limiting beliefs? Access Bars could be just the ticket.

  • Prevent Diabetes Naturopath Tania Flack provides the steps to reverse diabetes naturally.

  • Stress Less Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine make mind and body more resilient.

  • Troubled Waters The question of water safety and fluoridation just won’t go away.

  • Health Check News, expert tips, health products, and the latest information.

  • Education Extra Natural health careers and industry trends.

  • Feed Your Face The easiest way to know how health you are is to face yourself – literally.

  • Magnesium, the Miracle Mineral So many common health problems can be relieved with it.

  • Nutrition Notes News, expert tips, recipes, and the latest information.