Sativa™ Replenish Organic Hemp Moisturiser is an Australian Certified Organic Hemp Moisturiser with unique bioactive ingredients, nutrient-rich from Australian and Amazonian botanical extracts such as: Guayusa, Pracaxi and Copaiba oils, Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime Caviar.

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The REPLENISH Moisturiser also contains collagen boosting Gotu Kola, plus energizing and hydrating Fulvic Minerals, softening Shea Butter and our own skin balancing Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed oil has a balanced Omegas (essential fatty acids) that is rich in Vitamin E, contains natural GLA and absorbs well into skin providing high quality nourishment, protection and hydration.

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This Moisturiser works on dry, irritated, sun-damaged skin as well as clogged pores and problem skin. It contains anti-oxidant properties to lighten and brighten, increase luminosity, increases natural hydration and skin firmness, and may prevent redness and cell damage. It is designed to complement and used immediately after the SATIVA™ Serum to lock in and amplify the bioactives.


SATIVA™ Skincare uses a proprietary non-toxic cellular extraction process to capture the plant’s entire cellular contents in their pure undamaged form. The result is a stable, concentrated, water-soluble essence with superior bioactivity and bioavailability. Not only ACO certified, it’s VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE and ECO-FRIENDLY. 50ml RRP $59.95