The Base Collective’s award-winning Magnesium + White Tea Hand & Body Wash (RRP $32.00) is the perfect product to get your pH balance back in check! The wash is infused with the natural benefits of magnesium, helping to control hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.


Being one of the only brands that doesn’t use chemicals such as phenoxyethanol in their formulation, along with their genuine ‘no nasty’ promise, you know with The Base Collective you’ll be getting your daily dose of magnesium with no hidden extras!


Magnesium intake is most effective through absorption of the skin, by combining this wash into your daily routine, your skin will feel nourished, cleansed and best of all, won’t be covered in nasty chemicals.


Increasing your daily Magnesium intake assists with post workout recovery, muscle cramps, sleeplessness and helps with stress management by relaxing the nervous system. Recent data shows that 60-80% of Australian’s are deficient in Magnesium [1], meaning The Base Collective’s Magnesium wash will be your new saving grace.


Suitable for even the youngest of skin, The Base Collective’s ‘no nasty’ promise coupled with their stylish design, makes the Body Wash a necessity for all bathrooms.


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[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). National Nutrition Survey: Nutrient intakes and physical measurements, Australia 1995, ABS cat. no 4805.0. Canberra: ABS, 1998.