Keep fit, stretchy, and healthy while exercising your ethics with consciously selected yoga and gymwear labels from Katie Roberts.


Hatha Clothing

This Noosa-based label aims to inspire others to live a healthy, more conscious lifestyle and to offer ethically, mindfully, and sustainably made products. The team works with suppliers to ensure energy efficiency, water recycling, minimising packaging, and toxin-free production. They also live ‘the Hatha Clothing lifestyle’, with a daily dose of exercise, yoga, and meditation, and an awareness of valuing truth, right action towards others, and living with love.


Dharma Bums

Founded by yoga teacher Debbie Lawson and designed on Sydney’s sunny Northern Beaches, this high-performance yoga and activewear keeps your karma clean while you practise in style. Each garment has the stamp of approval from Ethical Clothing Australia. Committed to keeping it real and celebrating every body type, the team don’t airbrush any of their models.


Perfect for anyone wanting ethically produced functional activewear made from quality eco-friendly natural fibres, like GOTS-certified organic cotton and bamboo. Asquith activewear is designed to be durable and will last much longer than high street versions, making them better value for you and the planet.


Akasha Yoga

These gorgeous beautiful yoga props are ethically made in Guatemala: preloved Mayan textiles are transformed into one-of-a-kind straps, eye pillows and totally totable gym bags. Ideal for folks who are aware of the flow-on effect that their purchases have on their wellbeing, the environment and the people who craft them.


Two minutes with … Paula Magrani
Yogi, exercise physiologist, and founder of Hatha Clothing
What do you look for when creating performancewear? My number one priority is comfort. The fabric needs to be light, breathable, fast-drying, soft and silky, and to allow movement, stretching, and optimal thermal comfort. I also like a high waist – it gives support around the tummy and keep everything in place when you’re bending down. Checking if the fabric is opaque is important to avoid social awkwardness. Seamless designs are my favourites as they provide less friction against the skin and feel smoother and more comfortable. Last, but not least – colour! Wearing colours and patterns is a form of self expression and makes us feel uplifted.

Katie Roberts is an environmental scientist focused on sustainability education in the fashion industry.